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Specialty Classes

Sometimes there may be something more specific that you want to work on with your dog. Best Paw Forward offers specialty classes that work to improve specific behaviors or obedience and manners skills with your dog. These classes include Building a Rocket Recall, Focus & Control class, Shy Dog, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog, and Outdoor Adventures.

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Building A Rocket Recall

Having a solid recall can literally save your dog's life! Imagine calling your dog to come and not being frustrated... because they actually came back to you! As with all training, recall is about putting a routine into your daily life in which your dog enjoys taking part. In this class you will work on skills used to build a solid rocket recall. This may only be a 4 week class but it will give you skills that will last your dog’s lifetime, if you continue to practice....and keep it FUN! Basic Manners class started you down the right path; this class will continue to build on what you have learned and give you new insight and techniques. Dogs must be well socialized with other dogs. Basic Manners class is a prerequisite. Class size is limited to 4 dogs. NEW CLASSES BEGIN ON THE FOLLOWING DATES:

4 Forty-Five Minute Sessions....$110


TBD Next Quarter

  Monday, August 19th at 7:40pm (skip 9/2)
Monday, September 30th at 7:40pm...1 Spot Left!

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Everyday Essentials

Is walking your dog a battle from the minute your dog’s paws hit the pavement? Do you dream of getting your dog to love being handled so nail trims and grooming can be enjoyed by both of you? Pet parents usually tend to focus more on cues like sit, down and stay, and skip teaching their dogs things that will help them to feel comfortable with common life necessities. These things can be REALLY SCARY for our pups if they have not become appropriately acclimated to them and this has not been done in advance of the event occurring. We are going to show you how to take a thoughtful and kind approach using consent and choice to introduce your dogs to different procedures so they can be comfortable going to the vet and the groomer. This class is a great complement to Puppy and Basic class. There are no prerequisites so it can be taken at any time by dogs of any age. Whether you have a puppy or a “new to you” dog, there are modules of the class that will help you navigate everyday life with your dog. We will take a deeper dive into the three biggest areas of everyday life with our dogs:

🐾 Walking nicely on a loose leash

🐾 Nuisance behaviors such as jumping, nipping, and barking

🐾 Grooming/veterinary procedures like brushing, nail trims, ear cleaning, injections and exams


6 One-Hour Sessions....$175


Monday, August 12th at 7:40pm (skip 9/2)

  TBD Next Quarter



Focus & Control

SQUIRREL! BIKE! DOG! JOGGER! Many dogs today are easily and quickly aroused and distracted by the movements of our daily life. Such as when they come across other dogs, people, squirrels, etc. It has been said that a dog with self-control is a free dog. Freedom for dogs has everything to do with impulse control and little to do with whether they can heel or shake their paw. This class will change how your dog thinks about these triggers by using scientifically proven methods that will have your dog looking to you instead! Maybe your dog "blows you off" when you call them, ignores you when you want a simple Sit and Stay or is otherwise "selective" when listening to you. We use all positive techniques (dogs find them FUN) and NO force. This class is like no other you have taken - we are shaping behavior, NOT teaching manners. You will have your dog working off-leash (in a very safe manner), as they learn that being with you is the GREATEST! Impulse control, being calm and relaxed and working around distractions are all on the menu. This class is designed for dogs that lack impulse control. We work at modifying behavior so they want to make a better choice rather than lunging, barking or growling toward other dogs or people. Class size is kept small, so you get the attention you need. This class is designed to improve focus and impulse control. It is not a reactive dog class. Do NOT bring your dog to the first class (humans only for the first class!) Class size is limited! YOU MUST CALL FIRST TO REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS. NEW CLASSES BEGIN ON THE FOLLOWING DATES:

6 One-Hour Sessions....$195


Wednesday, July 17th at 10:00am...FULL
Thursday, August 8th at 6:15pm

  Wednesday, September 4th at 6:15pm
Monday, September 23rd at 6:15pm

  Focus Class Mat Work   Focus Chairs N Mats


Shy Dog

Shy dogs come in every size, age and breed or mix of breeds. A shy dog needs confidence and training especially designed for them. The goal of this class is to provide techniques to allow you to desensitize and counter condition their fear making scary/new things fun and positive. We work at getting them to actually change their emotional state. Class size is limited to 5 dogs! This is not a class for reactive dogs (barking and lunging on leash). YOU MUST CALL FIRST TO REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS. NEW CLASSES BEGIN ON THE FOLLOWING DATES:

6 One-Hour Sessions....$175

  TBD Next Quarter  

TBD Next Quarter

  Shy Dog Pool   Shy Dog table


Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

This 8 week class focuses on training your dog to have good manners around other people and other dogs and helps build confidence and control. Each week we work on the different test parameters that comprise the Canine Good Citizen Test so that you and your dog are prepared to take the test. Dogs must be friendly around other dogs and people. On the 8th week of the class the Canine Good Citizen Test will be administered by a certified AKC Evaluator and those dogs which pass will receive a certificate from the AKC (American Kennel Club). A great class for improving your dog's manners! This is an advanced class and therefore assumes that the foundations of basic skillls have been taught prior to enrollment in CGC. Basic Manners is a prerequisite. Level 2 Manners is highly recommended. NEW CLASSES BEGIN ON THE FOLLOWING DATES:

For more information about CGC download our FAQ sheet.
To learn more about the AKC Canine Good Citizen test go to their website www.akc.org

8 One-Hour Sessions....$185

  TBD Next Quarter
  TBD Next Quarter


Therapy Dog Program This program has restarted but has a backlog at this time due to Covid 19.

We are partnering with the Intermountain Therapy Animals program. This national and international program is the organization that registers our Therapy Teams. Our course is a 5-week class culminating with the Therapy test on week 5. The Therapy evaluation is based on the compentency of the handler and how they navigate their dog in different situations and changing environments. There will be common medical equipment and medical situations introduced in class to help prepare both the handler and dog for Therapy work. As part of this course we set up mock-up senarios where students will learn as if in a real therapy environment how to approach patients in wheelchairs or with walkers, or patients who are bedridden. Frequently asked questions and common problems will be discussed to ensure that you feel comfortable when working in the field doing therapy work with your dog. On week 5 of the course session, you may take the Therapy Dog Test administered by two Certified Evaluators with the ITA Program. Each team will have their own 30 minute evaluation slot. Dogs must be at least 2 years of age to take the Therapy Dog test and become a registered team. For more information on ITA and their requirements and fees, please visit their website at http://www.therapyanimals.org/Home.html. This is a higher level advanced class and therefore Basic Manners, Level 2 Manners, and Canine Good Citizen class are prerequisites for this class. Class size is limited.

What makes a person and animal suitable to be an ITA Volunteer Therapy Team? Please note that having a Therapy dog is different than preparing our dog to be a sevice dog for you or a family member - see graphic. Download the ITA FAQ Sheet. For more information about Therapy Dog Class specifics download our FAQ sheet.

If you are renewing your certification and need to test, the cost is $35. You must call to schedule your specific time if you are renewing your certification.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you become a registered Therapy Team, you agree to be part of the mentoring/support system for ITA in our area. This means you agree to attend 2 meetings per year and/or go on a first-time visit with a new team. The mentoring of teams is what really sets ITA apart from other organizations. We do realize that people lead busy lives so it will not be too much of a time commitment.


5 One-Hour Sessions....$250 (includes required manual and testing fee)

  Undetermined at this time
  Undetermined at this time
  ITA Logo Therapy Teams Practicing


Outdoor Adventures

Do you have a dog that does great in the classroom but when you take him for a walk, all bets are off? He suddenly forgets his name, and acts like he has never hear the word COME or LEAVE IT or HEEL ever before in his life. Then this class is for you and your dog. We start week 1 in the classroom but quickly head to the great outdoors to finish up week 1. Then, the rest of the classes are held at different outdoor locations around the area (downtown Hartland, Delafield, Pewaukee, Waukesha) where they will come in contact with other people walking their dogs, children, you name it; the real world! This class is dependent on Mother Nature which means that if it rains, the class will be cancelled and we will add one on to the end. Class size is very limited! Basic Manners and Level 2 Manners are both prerequisites. This is not a reactive dog class. You must call first to register for this class. NEW CLASSES BEGIN ON THE FOLLOWING DATES:

6 One-Hour Sessions....$150

  Undetermined at this time    
  Outdorr Adventures Downtown Pewaukee   Outdoor Adventures Walking


The date listed is the start date of class. You MUST pre-register for all classes. All classes meet
once a week on the same day and time. Prices and dates subject to change without notice.

Please note: NO Shock collars, prong collars or choke chains will be allowed in any of our classes.

If you wish to cancel out of a class or switch to a different session, we require 72 hours notice prior to its start date or you will be charged for the entire segment of classes. If you are outside of that window you will be charged for the entire segment of classes. We are not responsible for missed classes. Class fees are non-transferable to another class or class session and non-refundable.

Please go to our registration page to download the registration form.

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