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BEST PAW FORWARD was voted #1 for 8 Years in a Row on the Milwaukee Alist!

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Who are those crazy dog people?

Training is the most important thing you will ever do for your dog. How you approach training will forever affect the relationship between you and your dog. At Best Paw Forward we strive to help you and your dog become a team. We truly believe that a relationship built on trust and cooperation will lead to a solid partnership and be a lifelong bond.

Best Paw Forward celebrated its 15th anniversary in the dog training business in 2017. We have been voted No. 1 for Best Dog Training on the Milwaukee A-List for eight years in a row and received First Place in the Pet Training category in the 2016 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Top Choice Awards - Best of Greater Milwaukee.

We believe in positive, motivational training methods, which have been tested to show great results.
We use a reward-based training approach of no pain, no force, no fear that makes the learning experience fun for the dog and will ensure that your dog will put its "best paw forward," listening to and following your cues. We keep our classes fun for both dogs and their guardians while learning in a friendly, positive environment.



  Lisa and her dogs

Lisa’s life-long love of dogs began at an early age, when she always had a stray dog in tow as a child. As an adult, she has had the pleasure of being “owned” by four dogs — all shelties — and has served as a professional dog trainer since 2006. She is an ITA Therapy Dog Evaluator, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a member of The Pet Professional Guild, a member of Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin and regularly attends dog-training seminars and webinars, as well as reads and watches videos to stay up-to-date on the latest learning theories about dogs. A former Humane Society volunteer, Lisa also has a tendency to inadvertently (subliminally?) type the word “gods” when she tries to type “dogs.” Lisa leads the Best Paw Forward team with more than 25 years of business experience, primarily in graphic design, including considerable marketing design work for dog rescue groups.

Lisa feels incredibly blessed to work with some of the most passionate and talented people in the dog training field. Please meet her team.

Pam - CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed)
Pam began working at Best Paw Forward in 2014 and is a member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She has volunteered at the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha (HAWS) and served in the US Army Reserve for 9 years. She has taken in seven rescue dogs over the years and got her first puppy 2 years ago. She has a Bachelor degree in K-12 education and coaching has taught secondary education in nursing at both the technical college and Carroll University. She also has a Bachelor degree in Nursing, where she spent 25 years in long-term care prior to “retiring” from nursing. Pam has an eternal quest for knowledge and keeps current in the industry by attending seminars and conferences regularly as well as doing on-line courses.  
In Pam's words: "When one of my rescue dogs showed signs of fear and impulse control issues, I started to look for professional help. My interest in wanting to learn more consumed me. I took three classes with BPF and found it to be a life-saver for Bella and me. I am committed to helping my clients in strengthening the bond with their canine companions through helping them understand how dogs learn and what they need from their human, as well as showing them how to have fun during training.”
Favorite classes: "I love seeing the progress of each of the dogs and their humans in every class I teach. When the lightbulb goes on, it is priceless.”


Claudia - CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed)
Claudia joined our staff in 2015. She is a member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Claudia spends many hours listening to training podcasts, taking on-line courses, and webinars, as well as attending as many seminars and conferences as she can.
In Claudia's words: "I have enjoyed my time and experience with all of the dogs with which I have been privileged to share my life. They have all taught me so much, while training and in the quiet times too.
I love the learning process involved in training and know it will never stop. Currently, I have 4 dogs, each with unique personalities and training challenges. They push me to become a better trainer and do everything I can for and with them.”
Favorite classes: "I enjoy teaching people to work with their dogs at every level of the training process. It’s through the training that we develop our relationships with our dogs and I believe that’s what it’s all about.
I have taken multiple classes with my own dogs and this has helped me, not only bond with them, but, also, understand the challenges of being the student. I always try to keep these experiences in mind when teaching others.”


Cheryl became a part of the Best Paw Forward team in 2014 as an assistant.

More bio to come.


Cathy became a part of the Best Paw Forward team in 2016 as an assistant. She has always loved dogs and working with them.
In Cathy's words: What I love about Scout: She is my best friend...she is happy to be with me whether we are on a walk, I'm working at home or we're just hanging around the house. She's a happy girl, always ready to play and a bit mischievous as well. She makes me smile.
Favorite classes: "My favorite class...and most challenging so far was puppy agility. We had a ball!"


Roxy joined our Best Paw Forward team in 2016 as an assistant. She brings an amazing calmness to wherever she goes.
In Roxy's words: I fell in love with Tara's intelligence, loyalty, and shining athleticism. Her spirited, shy/fearful temperament has taught me about the subtleties of dog communication and ignited a strategy to help her using science-based training techniques. Together we enjoy the simple pleasures of the natural world. Like playing catch in an open field, leaping through the tall grass, or hiking miles of wooded trails. She's an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
Favorite classes: "My favorite class is Basic Manners. A dog's trust in you is the most important building block for a strong animal/human bond and communication. Basic Manners class gives you the tools and techniques to lay this foundation in a positive, fun, and safe environment. Personally, while raising my shy/fearful German Shepherd through puppyhood and adolescence, I found the insight, encouragement and camaraderie offered by Best Paw Forward an invaluable asset linked to her success."


Amy joined our staff in 2018 as an assistant. Her background is in education. Amy has a Master's degree in speech/language pathology and spent 18 years working as a speech pathologist in the schools. She has shifted her focus from school kids, to puppies and their parents, and loves it!
Favorite classes: "I've enjoyed all the classes I've taken with Marvin but my favorite was Focus & Control. I loved being able to connect more and understand Marvin better. I love his energy and the fact he is a cuddle bug and slow to get started in morning just like his momma!"


Mallory (Mal)
Mal started with Best Paw Forward in October 2018 as an assistant and is now one of our instructors for the Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Manners classes. She has a background in psychology with a Master's degree in Educational Psychology and currently works as the Academic Affairs Manager at UWM's School of Freshwater Sciences. Mal spends her free time with her husband and two rescue dogs, Laredo (10 y/o lab mix) and Tally (2 y/o terrier mix), volunteers with a rescue organization and doggy daycare in Hartland, and reads animal behavior books. She and her husband are welcomed their first (human) baby, Lynn, in February 2020.
In Mal's words: "My favorite breed is rescue. Both of our dogs are rescued mutts, so we're always discovering fun little quirks about them. For example, Laredo's favorite treat in the entire world is a red bell pepper and Tally's favorite activity is sprinting outside only to realize she's not actually chasing (or being chased by) anything. After all, you can't buy love, but you can rescue it!"
Favorite classes: "I can't choose, but my favorite part of class is watching not only the dogs, but their owners, gain confidence and meet their goals. Watching the relationships blossom is the BEST!"


Samantha joined our team in 2019 as an assistant. She is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, with a bachelor's degree in General Management. Currently using her degree in a full time position as a golf course manager, Sam has always had a passion for dogs, but her interest first piqued when she got her own dog in December 2017. She spent countless hours preparing for her and continued researching this field because she wanted only the best for her.
In Sam's words: "BPF has made me a more patient person with my own dog and helped me to learn about other dogs. I hope to share what I have learned with others as well as encourage all families to use positive reinforcement training."
Favorite classes: "I would have to say I enjoy all the classes taught by BPF. My favorite is puppy kindergarten. Not only are the puppies adorable, but I love to watch them grow in the six weeks they are enrolled in class. "