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Good Manners Obedience Classes

We all want to have good dogs and one of the best ways to ensure that is through a structured class environment. Dog training should be FUN in addition to working toward the goal of having a good,
obedient dog. Best Paw Forward is built on relationship and reward based training. We reward the behaviors that like/want. We get those behaviors by using methods that do not use fear, force or intimidation. We reward by using praise, treats, toys, etc. Trust and cooperation are the root of our relationship-based training. Our obedience or "good manners" training has a variety of levels to accommodate you as you and your dog progress
in your relationship.

Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies 9 to 14 weeks of age. This six week class teaches you how puppies learn and communicate. You will learn the fundamentals of becoming a benevolent guardian for your dog. Puppy classes include the basics of crate training, house breaking, nipping, chewing, jumping, separation anxiety, basic cues, confidence building exercises and more. There is ample time in each class for the puppies to socialize together, which is a critical part of your puppy's development. Class size is limited. Do NOT bring your puppy to the first class (humans only for the first class!) The date listed is the start date of the class session. NEW CLASS SESSIONS BEGIN ON THE FOLLOWING DATES:

6 One-Hour Sessions...$140

  Sunday, October 6th at 4:00pm...FULL
Wednesday, October 23rd at 6:15pm (skip 11/27)...Full
Sunday, November 24th at 4:00pm
...(skip 12/1 & 12/29)
Wednesday, December 18th at 6:15pm
...(skip 12/25 & 1/1)

Tuesday, October 1st at 6:15pm...FULL
Monday, November 4th at 6:15pm
Tuesday, November 19th at 6:15pm
...(skip 12/24 & 12/31)
Monday, December 30th at 6:15pm

The most important part of raising your new puppy is proper socialization. Each dog is different but, in general, the critical socialization window closes somewhere between 12 and 18 weeks of age. Socialization is not the same as exposure. Puppies need to have purposeful, positive experiences with other dogs/animals, handling, noises, people, surfaces and locations/experiences. These experiences need to be safe and happy, and not be rushed. Undersocialized puppies will almost certainly have some level of behavioral problems so please make this a priority for your puppy. The following video will give you more information about why, how and to what to socialize your pup. Socialization Video

If you have children please read our policy on children attending classes.


Basic Manners

This 8-week course is designed for dogs older than 16 weeks of age. In addition to learning theory being discussed, Basic Manners teaches you to teach your dog the basic skills that will enable you to have a happy household as well as a happy dog. This course covers basic cues including Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Leave It, Drop It, Wait at the Door, and walking nicely on leash without pulling. Boundary training, impulse control and problem solving are also introduced. For those of you who have taken Puppy Kindergarten, the Basic Manners class adds distance and more distractions (like holding stays for longer times with squeaky toys going off and frisbees flying by). Unlike Puppy Kindergarten there are no off leash socialization periods. Class size is limited. This class is not for leash reactive dogs. In order to help you and your dog learn in a group setting, dogs must be okay on leash around other dogs (i.e. no growling, excessive lunging, or excessive barking). Do NOT bring your dog to the first class (humans only for the first class!) The date listed is the start date of the class session. NEW CLASS SESSIONS BEGIN ON THE FOLLOWING DATES:

8 One-Hour Sessions....$185


Wednesday, October 9th at 7:40pm
...(skip 11/27)...FULL
Saturday, October 12th at 9:30am
...(skip 11/30)...1 Spot Left!
Thursday, November 7th at 7:40pm
...(skip 11/28 & 12/26)
Sunday, November 10th at 6:15pm
...(skip 12/1 & 12/29)
Monday, November 25th at 7:40pm
Tuesday, December 10th at 7:40pm
...(skip 12/24 & 12/31)


Tuesday, October 1st at 10:00am.........FULL
Tuesday, October 15th at 7:40pm
Monday, November 18th at 7:40pm
Wednesday, December 4th at 7:40pm
...(skip 12/25 & 1/1)
Tueday, December 17th at 7:40pm
...(skip 12/24 & 12/31)


If you have children please read our policy on children attending classes.


Level 2 Manners

Picks up where Basic Manners left off and concentrates on those hard to train areas. Improved manners and reliability, more emphasis on heeling and automatic sits, preparation for off-leash heeling, more attention exercises to keep your dog focused on you rather than another dog or person, proofing the recall so that it becomes automatic and reliable. All exercises take cues learned in Basic Manners and practice them at greater distances and with more distractions. Go to mat, drop on recall, fronts and finishes are also covered. Level 2 is a great way to prepare for Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog, Rally Obedience and Outdoor Adventures. Class size is limited. Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Manners, ability of dog to hold a 10 second stay in the presence of other dogs (not behind any barriers) with mild distractions. The date listed is the start date of the class session. NEW CLASS SESSIONS BEGIN ON THE FOLLOWING DATES:

6 One-Hour Sessions....$160


Saturday, October 12th at 11:00am
...(skip 11/30)...FULL

  Tuesday, October 1st at 11:30am
Wednesday, October 30th at 6:15pm
...(skip 11/27)... 1 Spot Left!


The date listed is the start date of class. You MUST pre-register and pre-pay for all classes. All classes meet once a week on the same day and time. Prices and dates subject to change without notice.

Please note: NO Shock collars, prong collars or choke chains will be allowed in any of our classes.

Please go to our registration page to download the registration form.

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